After years of travelling with my dogs and worrying about the temperature in the vehicle,   I founded Animaware Ltd in 2011 to take the concept of the AnimAlarm from design to manufacture and so create a reliable safeguard against the harmful effects of extremes of heat and cold for animals in transit.  As a life-long animal lover (and dog lover in particular), animal welfare has always been extremely important to me and the AnimAlarm was expressly created to avoid needless suffering by any animal from the effects of temperature in its immediate environment.  Although designed originally with dogs in vehicles in mind, the AnimAlarm has many uses wherever the monitoring of temperatures and temperature changes is required.

My mother always use to say (and probably quite rightly!) that my dogs were very spoilt and I often recalled that sentiment when the first prototype was being tested and my terriers Monty and Scrappers were the only dogs in the world with an AnimAlarm!  All of us at Animaware believe that the relationship between dogs and people is both unique and special – from the unquestioning loyalty shown by a much-loved pet to the often vital service performed by working dogs of all types.   We also believe that it is incumbent on us as animal owners and carers to ensure the well-being of our charges isn’t compromised (if not exactly to spoil them!).

Animaware is underpinned by our collective passion for life and animals and its objective is to bring the latest technology to bear to ensure that your faithful friends are comfortable and happy.

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