AniMat Cool Gel Mat

The original Cool Gel Mat uses a unique patented gel that stays cool with no activation. Super cool – perfect for your pet on hot days. Our mats are top quality, being thicker and tougher than other cool gel mats.

Is your dog young, old, long coated, flat-faced or on medication? The AniMat is a beneficial aid for them.

Is your dog fit and active? Dogs can easily overheat after enthusiastic exercise or play; using the AniMat Cool Gel Mat is the ideal way to cool your dog safely and effectively.

AniMat Cool Gel Mat: Clinically proven to lower a pet’s temperature by direct touch reducing the risk of potentially life threatening effects of over heating from heat-stroke, stress, dehydration,lethargy and loss of appetite.

Comes in two variations, the dark blue nylon is easy to clean whilst the cotton mat is non-slip – perfect for older dogs who struggle getting up. Alternatively use one of our made to measure machine washable covers.

Perfect for use at home, work, travel, kennels, camping or on holiday.

  • Contains patented cooling gel
  • No activation needed
  • Folds for easy sizing
  • Non-toxic
  • Tough and durable – even cats claws!
  • Washable exterior
  • Stays cool for hours
  • The gel does not leak out of the mat if the mat is damaged
  • Available in 4 great sizes, Small 34x54cm, Medium 45x80cm, Large 60x90cm and X Large 90x140cm
  • Size recommendations: Small – for cats,  Jack Russell Terriers, small Border Terriers.  Medium – for Spaniels, larger Border Terriers, Cockapoos. Large – Labradors, Collies, German Shepherds. X Large – Long haired German Shepherds, St Bernard’s, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs.

Top Tip for when you are out and about: If you use your AniMat in a vehicle, if the vehicle is going to warm up inside when you are away from it and you want the AniMat to be cool on your return, fold the mat up and either place under the front seat, your dogs bed or blanket and it will be really cool on your return for your dog!

Delivery: Small cool mats are dispatched via Royal Mail 1st Class delivery. Medium, Large and XL mats and multiple orders are dispatched via UPS.

2015-01-28 14.25.06
After exercise
2015-01-29 13.19.57
After 10 minutes on AniMat Cool Gel Mat