Critter’s Inflatable – How does it work

How does it work?

Different companies use different methods for auto-inflation. The Critter’s Inflatable Lifejacket uses a Halkey-Roberts inflator which has a water soluble bobbin whose core dissolves within 5 seconds of the life jacket being submerged in water. Once the bobbin dissolves, a spring loaded needle punctures the CO2  cylinder which then inflates the life jacket.
The bobbin and CO2 cylinder are single use items. After each automatic inflation, these components need to be replaced and can be purchased in a rearm kit.

If your pet is entering the water as part of a pre-planned activity, place the life jacket in manual mode by removing both the bobbin and CO2 cylinder, then inflate by blowing into the oral inflation tube.

To deflate the life jacket, insert the cap of the oral inflation tube, inverted, into the tip of the oral inflation tube while squeezing the bladder to remove all air.