About Us

“I founded Animaware Ltd in 2011 after years of worrying about the effects of my car’s temperature on my dogs. Even if I had either the windows open or the aircon on, I never really knew how hot my dogs were getting – I just knew I wanted to beat the heat.

As a life-long animal lover – especially of dogs – animal welfare is extremely important to me. So I created the AnimAlarm to help stop any animal suffering from extremes of heat or cold.

From concept to completion I created AnimAlarm for animals in transit to give them a reliable safeguard against life-threatening temperatures. Which is why my products all have the name ‘Anima’ – the Latin word for life.

While AnimAlarm was designed for dogs, it can be used for other pets and other applications – wherever temperature needs to be monitored.

I believe in only offering the best to other people – quality that I’d be proud enough to use myself. So naturally my two terriers Monty and Scrappers were the very first dogs in the world to use the AnimAlarm.

All of us at Animaware have a passion for life and animals. We believe in the very special bond between dogs and their owners. Whether you have the devotion of a much-loved pet or the vital service of a working dog – just one look into the bright eyes of your faithful furry friend and you know you have a lifetime of unquestioning loyalty. They are part of your family, so let’s give them both the affection and the protection they need so they stay happy, healthy and comfortable.”

Victoria Davidson