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Customer Testimonials

‘As I said previously, the AnimAlarm doesn’t give you the opportunity or excuse to leave your dogs in the car. The AnimAlarm is a brilliant & highly recommended piece of equipment that helps make you aware of the temperature so that you are mindful of your dog’s health – whether they are in a kennel, in your car, at a dog show or any other time your dog may be on their own for a short space of time.
Whether you live with, travel with, show or work your dogs – the AnimAlarm is a ‘must have’ piece of dog related equipment. You shouldn’t ever leave your dogs anywhere without it…’ read full blog here
PD Izzy

‘Just what I was looking for. Have used this for a couple of weeks and its ‘over’ perfect. I set alarm temp @24°. It sent an alarm txt. We rushed back to find dogs were fine (windows fully open). So have moved it to rear of car which now gives a true reading where our dogs are. The price for animalarm is far too cheap. You are nuts not to buy one. Many thanks to the person who thought of it.’
Martyn Dix

‘Since purchasing our AnimAlarm, we have had a peace of mind whilst travelling the UK this summer. We were surprised just how much the temperature changed, even on a cloudy day in the UK! Next summer, we are planning travelling throughout Europe, taking our trailer tent and taking the children and our border terrier Watson with us. We would not have considered this an option without having the AnimAlarm as our recent experience temperature can fluctuate so much in the car whilst travelling and in the trailer when we are resting. This clever device will enable us all to be together for the summer and Watson will not miss out on all the fun! Thanks for this great device!’
Natasha & Mark Willmore

‘Using AnimAlarm could save your dogs life !’
Nick Horniman BVCs MRCVS

‘What a great gadget. I never knew the temperatures could be so different around the car whilst travelling. I can now transport my dogs with peace of mind knowing they are safe! Thank you AnimAlarm.’
R Laird, London

‘I have used the AnimAlarm this summer, it has created such awareness of the temperature when travelling with my dogs. I was always worrying about them and now I don’t have to knowing they are safe with their temperature alarm. Great value for money!’

‘The AnimAlarm is a fantastic piece of kit. For years I’d worried about the temperature in the back of my car when taking Corbett my terrier out and about with me. The AnimAlarm alerts me to sudden rises in temperature and most importantly helps keep my best friend happy and comfortable – we never leave home without it!’
JD, Cumbria