Who should use it US

Who would benefit from an AnimAlarm ?

AnimAlarm monitors the temperature in any type of environment such as a vehicle, RV, boat, kennel or any outbuilding and triggers an alarm to your cell phone via an SMS text message when it reaches a temperature that could seriously damage the health of your dog.

Variations in temperature can have severe consequences on the health of your dog so it is important that you are constantly kept informed. Dogs are especially vulnerable to heat-related illnesses; they can only cool off by panting and perspiration through the very few sweat glands in their footpads.

who_photo_groupEven short exposure to excessive temperatures, hot or cold can cause the body’s cells to stop working properly and release harmful chemicals which can lead to nerve and liver damage, heart problems, brain damage and even death.

Pet owners
It is ideal for those who have to transport their dogs around the country and aboard or take them to work, on trips or on holiday.

Service and Security industries
AnimAlarm is ideal for service and security industries where dogs have to be transported in vans and 4X4 vehicles or are used to guard premises. The product can be used in industries and services such as the Police, Military, Mountain Rescue, Customs and Security.

Veterinary Surgeons
AnimAlarm can be used to monitor the temperature of dogs environment whilst in the surgery or being transported. The device can also be used to monitor the temperature for keeping medical supplies.

AnimAlarm can be used to monitor the temperature in kennels and other outbuildings making sure that your dogs and their precious litters are happy, contented and in the best of health at all times.

Gun dog and working dog owners
These dogs are a valuable asset so it is important that they are comfortable whilst in transit or being kept in a kennel

Show dog owners and Agility dog owners For those dog owners involved in the showing and dog agility worlds AnimAlarm will prove to be a valuable tool. Ideal for road trips, journeys going to championship shows or for ensuring that your dog is kept in the right temperature and is comfortable whilst in the showground environment, AnimAlarm will help to keep your dog in tip top condition to perform at its best.