Silver Shade Cool Coat

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To purchase a Silver Shade Cool Coat please contact Joanne on Tel: 07513 630582 or Email:

Silver Shade Cooler

Keep your dog cool –
Reflect the sun’s heat off and away from your dog!
Small size…. size14″- back measurement – £25.00
Medium sizes.. size 16″, size 18″, size 20″ – back measurement – £30.00
Large sizes…… size 22″, size 24″, size 26” – back measurement – £35.00
X Large size…… size 28” – back measurement – £38.00
Available with a choice of black or purple binding.
For size fitting, measure from the base of your dogs neck to the base of its tail.
Wet towel or cloth type cooling jackets cease to cool and begin to trap body heat as soon as the wet fabric reaches a dog’s body temperature – which quickly accelerates overheating, when water reaches body temperature it can becomes an insulater that traps heat.
Obviously, coated dogs will be most susceptible to heat build up problems. As every fabric will retain some body heat, remove Silver Shade Coolers when dogs are in the shade, unless you wet the Silver Shade Cooler and have adequate ventilation or a fan. Then, watch that dogs don’t become too cold even on a hot day! You can make short coated dogs shiver! Silver Shade Coolers are amazingly efficient!    

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2 reviews for Silver Shade Cool Coat

  1. Ella Guiney

    Bought this for my jrt it is great you do not need to carry spare water, this reflects the sun, my dog also finds it comfortable to wear. Again a great service delivered the next day after ordering. Plus help given eith sizing as my little dog has a deep chest. Felt that Vicky went the extra mile

  2. Craig

    We bought two recently. One for our Cairn (14”) and one for our working cocker ( dogs love them. Our little Cairn certainly looked more comfortable in the recent mini heat wave. Previous rebuke rewear said you don’t need to carry to spare water. Bad idea IMO. You should always carry spare water for your dog. Keeping them cool does not mean they don’t require water. They are not camels! Only reason give 4 stars is that I was told by the seller that I could safely make a hole to allow a harness to fit though. Well, I made the hole but it soon started to shred a little, but fixed with some rhino tape. Perhaps this is something the seller should look into

    • Victoria

      Our apologies for the information, if you want to make a hole in the coat for a harness you should only cut the mesh itself not the threads that the mesh is attached to.

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