Silver Shade Mesh


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Silver Shade Mesh is a knit poly-aluminum open weave fabric. Acting like a mirror reflecting away the sun’s rays, helping prevent heat build-up and allowing air circulation. Cooling everything under the sun!

  • Heat Reduction – up to 20% when area is fully shaded
  • 70% shade/reflection of sun’s raysCamper2
  • High tensile strength/durability
  • Does not fray, run, tear or unravel
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to handle
  • Increased illumination underneath
  • UV stabilized / anti-oxidation coating
  • Non-scratch
  • Created for outdoor use 
  • Rot, mold and mildew resistant
  • Washes with a garden hose


Tarps are edged with 2″ polypropylene webbing; soft, supple,WebMegOval
superior to any similar product on the market.  Heat cut holes and toothed grommets ensure a lifetime set with spacings every 12″ for extra strength and convenience.

This patented poly-aluminum knit fabric was developed and used to reduce the problematic affects caused by the sun. Silver Shade acts like a mirror reflecting the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere. Other shade materials absorb the sun’s radiation and become hot, thus producing heat in an area where cooling is desired. Silver Shade does not absorb heat, it reflects it away, thereby doing a superior job of shading and cooling.

The open weave fabric allows fresh air circulation, provides a canopy that does not fill with waterBoxer and facilitates an upwards escape for heat and moisture. It was developed for outdoor use, has been used by the military for years, it is UV ray protected and very durable. It’s unique features have created an unlimited array of uses – as shades for cars, campers, boats, show trolleys, kennels and kennel runs, tents, equipment, gazebos and vehicle covers and K9 Coolers.
For anything under the sun!

Delivery is via Royal Mail 1st Class. Large orders are delivered by UPS.

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